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Plague Slayer hand sanitizer will be unleashed soon but only in very limited quantities. We're giving 500 people early access to slay before anyone else. This product will sell out so if you want it, increase your chances by signing up for early access.


Plague Slayer deploys an all-out assault onto your hands bringing instant death to any evil germs that stand in the way.  

Plague Slayer doesn't get flu shots, the flu gets Plague Slayer shots.

⚔️ FDA Approved Formula

💀 70% Germ Murdering Ethyl Alcohol

💎Light blue like the face of germs suffocating from Plague Slayer's death grip.

🌿 Soothing Aloe

✖️Smells like death (non-existent fragrance)

👨‍⚕️ Portion of profits donated to support healthcare workers.

🦠 We'll email you soon. It's about to be a bad day for germs.
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